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A good nights sleep, is just a phone call away
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Sleeping babies
Sleeping Babies provide maternity nurses, night nannies and night nannies in the UK

Maternity nurses

Sleeping Babies Maternity nurses will come to your family shortly after you come home from the hospital with your new baby. Their job is to establish a good feeding and sleep routine and teach mum all she needs to know about her new baby, giving her the reassurance and knowledge she needs.

A Sleeping Baby maternity nurse will generally stay from anything between a week and twelve weeks, she will be on call twenty four hours a day (with a couple of hours rest), five or six days a week.

A Sleeping Baby maternity nurse

Sleeping Babies Maternity nurses generally sleep with their charges and either bring the new baby to mum for breast feeding during the night, or bottle feed the baby themselves so that the mother has a chance to recover completely from the birth.

This is a fantastic support system for all new parents and especially those who don't have family support close at hand, or who have had twins or a caesarean.p. A comforting presence and a willing pair of hands at 3am can make an enormous difference.

Sleeping Babies Maternity nurses

All sleeping baby maternity nurses have been interviewed extensively, by Nicole and references thoroughly checked. Only the nurses that meet our very high standards are registered by Sleeping Babies. Sleeping babies will only place maternity nurses who have an enhanced CRB check and have a Pediatric first Aid certificate.

Sleeping Babies maternity nurses are there to provide the mother with a sense of security during those physically and mentally exhausting first few weeks after childbirth and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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