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A good nights sleep, is just a phone call away
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Sleeping babies
Sleeping Babies provide maternity nurses, night nannies and night nannies in the UK


We are very proud to say that the majority of our business comes from personal word of mouth recommendations or bookings from mums and dads who have used us before!

Below you’ll find a number of testimonials from happy customers. If you would like to see any more, please do just get in touch.

Our gorgeous girls (lona and India) arrived a bit earlier than planned — in fact 4 weeks early - with us hopelessly unprepared!

After two weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit, the babies came home and Susie breezed in, Mary Poppins style. with an air of confidence, practicality and assurance. From that day we knew we were in the most capable of hands!

Once home Susie helped us for the next 12 weeks. She very quickly set about creating the schedule, informing us how it worked, as well as making sure the nursery and house were set up perfectly. Very quickly it was not just the babies who were ship shape. but so were the parents and the dog!

Susie is just amazing with the babies, understanding their needs and growing capabilities at every stage of their development. Moreover she is so dedicated and works so hard to make sure that the tricks and techniques she has learnt and developed over the years are effectively transferred to both Mum and Dad.

One of the original goals was to get them both sleeping through the night. Not only has this been achieved but we have learnt so much to ensure that both lona and India are set up for life.

Susie has been one of the best investments we have ever made. The twins are happy, contented, smiley girls. I can not give a better recommendation.

Viv (Mum)

Susie has been a star. If it wasn't for her soft spot for chocolate I would think she was perfect. Viv had a difficult 3 week period during which Susie went over and above the call of duty to support both of us and the girls. Her technical expertise is outstanding. If all my company staff had the same level of professionalism, dedication, and passion. I would be world beating. I can not give higher praise.

Duncan (Dad)

Tigger here! I am a 14 month old Dalmatian with lots and lots of energy. I must admit I was a little bit jealous when the girls arrived and wasn't always best behaved but I love Susie as she makes me feel special and loved as much as the babies. As a result I am back to my usual troublesome self as well as being good around India and lona. Got to go as I need to chase some squirrels!

Love Tigger xx

Moira is amazing & has restored my faith in maternity nurses. Thanks so much for finding her for me. I really appreciate you being so helpful at such short notice.

Best wishes. Emma, Maida Vale

After a bit of traumatic birth we called Sleeping Babies for help. They put us in touch with Amanda. What a great help, any questions we asked where answered honestly rather than what the health visitor/mid wives have been told to say. By the end of the first day my wife had the confidence to breastfeed again which has been a total success. Worth your weight in gold.

Many thanks for everything Andy & Kelly, Essex

Thank you for sending Jill along to save our sanity. It is amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you. Jill is an absolute treasure!

Donna Hadsley-Chaplin, Pimlico

I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone when I was at my lowest and thinking of getting a night nanny, it was invaluable. At the time I was making enquires and after speaking to you was seriously considering it after my house guests left, but luckily for me my little girl has adapted to a routine and I am finding it easier to cope. Thank you very much for the attention and assurances you gave me without forcing your services onto me.

Nishma, Wimbledon

I cannot thank you enough. I did not know what to do, and you have saved my life! I have not left my son with anyone except my mom, but really do not want him to catch anything. Don't worry about Heather, I have a mask on, and will be sleeping in another part of the house. Thank you again, and happy passover.

Gillian Aronson, St John's Wood

Carmen worked as a night nurse for our newborn son for 3 nights a week for a month after his birth. Carmen has been a fantastic support to us over those tricky first weeks and we really looked forward to the nights she was coming. Carmen fitted in so well with the whole family causing us absolutely no disruption and our two year old daughter especially enjoyed her morning chats with Carmen.

We were put into contact with Carmen through Sleeping Babies. This agency has been a totally no hassle way of securing a night nurse. Following one phone call, Sleeping Babies immediately arranged a home visit to find out about us so that they could match us with the right sort of nurse for our needs. We also had the opportunity to conduct interviews ensuring that we were completely happy with our choice. Sleeping Babies provided a personal tailor made service which we did not find with other agencies and continue to be at the end of the phone should we need support and advice on caring for a new baby.

Michelle Taylor, Radlett

Thank you very much for looking after me during and after my bris. I know my mummy really appreciated all the help and knowledge you gave her.

All my love Joshua xx, Bushey

We just wanted to say a big thank you for everything over the past 9 weeks. You have made the transition into parenthood that much easier. Your advice has been invaluable and the sleep wonderful! You have given us the confidence to continue without help, knowing that we can do it. We'll miss the late night chats!

Mike and Pippa, Edgware

Sammy was born on November 23rd 2004, and although we knew the joyous day was coming for nine months, when it finally arrived, we couldn't believe how quickly our lives turned upside down.

Despite indulging in a bit of Gina, a dabble of the Baby Whisperer and the bible of all books, What to Expect... nothing could prepare us for the reality of having our very own child. They made swaddling look so easy. And how difficult could it be to burp a newborn? Sterilising a few bottles, well even a child could do it. How wrong we were.

Nights turned to day without so much as a chance to catch up on a few hours sleep, and as for weekends, well, they seemed to vanish as if they never existed.

Then in stepped our night nurse in shining armour. Over a four week period Sleeping Babies showed us how to look after Sammy, how to wind, change, sterilise, breast and bottle feed, hold, swaddle, clean and try a routine. But most importantly she gave us the greatest gift you can give to any new parents – a good night’s sleep. Armed with earplugs and a reassuring smile, she sent us off to slumber land. She cared for Sammy while we recharge our batteries, and in the morning when we rose, we really did have a contented little baby – sorry Gina!

Even after leaving us to cope on our own, Sleeping Babies have been on hand to answer all our questions, however trivial. We are starting to save now to ensure we can bring Sleeping Babies back for baby number two...

David and Caroline, Edgware

Thank you for your advice and assistance in choosing both the most appropriate form of Maternity Night Nurse Help and finding the right person for us. The help that we received was invaluable and saved us a lot of time and wasted energy. I would be more than happy to recommend Sleeping Babies to any one that is considering the help of a Maternity Night Nurse.

A.Bloom, Mill Hill

night nursesMaternity nursesSleeping Babies provide maternity nurses, night nannies and night nannies in the UK


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